101 Things in 1001 Days – It’s a Wrap!

101-things in 1001 days

On March 25, 2014  I wrote a list of 101 things I’d like to do in 1001 days. Today is Day Number 1001, the day of reckoning! Now maths isn’t my strong point, but I think I’ve managed to cross 69 things off the list. Although, I didn’t cross off all  of the things,  I did cross off a lot of the things, and the most importantly,  I had so much fun doing the things!

Since my last 101 things update in May, I’ve crossed off another 17 things off the list and many of those I have enjoyed more than once, usually because they involve eating, drinking or running!

The purple goals are the ones that I’ve completed since May,  and the orange ones are those that I’ve resigned myself never to do, not in a million years, never mind about 1001 days. Because everyone has limits.

I’ve loved the variety of things to do and the leisurely length of the challenge although for some of these tasks, forever wouldn’t be long enough. (I’m looking at you Lord of the Rings!) The challenges have at times taken me way out of my comfort zone and often taken me on new adventures. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said to people, “Let’s do x, y or z because it’s on my list of 101 things to do,” I’d be very rich, very rich indeed.

I’m a big believer that every ending is a new beginning and this list is no exception. I’ll be taking some time to recharge, relax and reflect over the holidays, and of course, dream up a new, fresh list of  101 things to do for 2017 and beyond. It seems fitting that this post not only wraps up the challenge but also wraps up my blog year, with a virtual ribbon and a bow.

Before I head off into the festive sunset, I want to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and hope that all your Christmas wishes come true. Most of all, I’d like to thank you for hanging out with me here in this little corner of the internet, it’s a place where for me, everyday feels like Christmas. Such a gift!

But before you go,  tell me, have you ever done any of these things? What would be on your list of 101 things to do in 1001 days? Is there something you would never do… not even in a million years?


  1. Make a light box  No, but I did buy one. So I am still the proud owner of said, lightbox. (June 2016)
  2. Give the blog a facelift  (March 2015)
  3.  Get a new camera  Olympus E-M 10 (August 2014)
  4. Install Disqus (March 2014)
  5. Make a video
  6. Make a podcast
  7. Blog 3 times a week  Words of Wisdom, one recipe, the Ultimate Rabbit Hole and She’s So Inspiring
  8. Meet a fellow blogger I met more bloggers than you can shake a stick at, at Problogger 2014.
  9. Do a blogging course Clever Cookie Blog  School (September 2014)
  10. Link up with another blog  Yes, and now I co-host my own link up, every Saturday down the Ultimate Rabbit HoleIf you haven’t done so already, come and join us.
  11. Complete 1 month of Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day (March 2014)
  12. Go to a blogging conference.  ProBlogger (August 2014)


  1. Make my own jam. (May 2016)
  2. Try 10 new cocktails. I’ve actually tried more than 10 but I gave up writing the names of them down. You’ll just have to take my word for it.
  3. Try 10 new restaurants. Edible goals are goals of my favourite kind!
  4. Play Recipe Roulette at least once. I made Maple Chicken with Pumpkin Hummus from my new Weight Watchers Cookbook. 
  5. Make pavlova. I’ve actually become a pavlova making machine, thanks to Leonie. Did you see my Valentine’s Pavlova?
  6. Make Lamingtons.
  7. Make a Gingerbread House(December 2016)

gingerbread house

  1. Make 10 different soups. Tickety tick.
  2. Try 10 different teas. Yup.
  3. Perfect the art of making gluten free bread.
  4. Cook mussels.
  5. Make the KitKat/Smarties birthday cake. (David’s Birthday (July 2014,) Belinda’s Birthday (March 2016)
  6. Eat or cook food from a country I’ve never eaten or cooked before.  Nhopi – Zimbabwe Pumpkin Cornmeal 25/11/16
  7. Dust off sushi maker and learn how to make sushi.
  8. Take a cooking class.  (Bumbu Bali 29/9/2014)
  9. Learn to decorate cup cakes.
  10. Make my own dumplings.
  11. Make my own gluten free flour.
  12. Make gluten free pizza.


  1. Do a spin class. (November 2016)
  2. Learn to ride a bike.
  3. Run the Sydney Half Marathon  (May 2014)
  4. Run the Disney Half Marathon.  (August 2014)
  5. Run the Disney Double Dare. (September 2016)

Photography Circle September 7

  1.  Run a race in a costume.  Disneyland Half Marathon and Disneyland 5k (August 2014 and September 2016)
  2. Return to Nike Running Club. Because the older I get, the slower I go!
  3. Keep a Fitness Tips Jar.
  4. Lose 5 kg.
  5. Workout 3 times a week (minimum.) Most weeks anyways.
  6. Run a race with David. Disneyland 5k August 2014) and numerous others in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Disneyland!
  7. Try a Beginners Yoga Class.
  8. Run a race in a different city. Disneyland 5k and Half Marathon, Canberra 10k and Cadbury Half Marathon, Hobart
  9. Run for a cause.  The Australian Thyroid Foundation – Disneyland Half Marathon (August 31 2014) and The Stroke Foundation Disneyland Half Marathon (September 4 2016)


  1. Organise our wedding photos and make an album.
  2. Learn how to apply false eyelashes.
  3. Learn how to do one up-style.
  4. Read Man’s Search for Meaning (again.) No, but I have read When Breath Becomes Air  which in my humble opinion is a modern day equivalent. 
  5. Try something new every day and record it in a notebook.
  6. Write to my sponsor child.  Multiple times.
  7. Spend a rainy day watching movies. Watching movies is my favourite rainy day activity. Especially if it involves wearing pyjamas.
  8. Change my job. (April 2015)
  9. Wear red lipstick.
  10. Receive red roses (September 2015 – from Heather and David!)
  11. Plant and maintain a balcony garden. Third time lucky! (October 2016)
  12. Send a care package to a soldier. No, but I did make up two bags for Share the Dignity’s #it’sinthebagcampaign

Share the dignity

  1. See one of my favourite singers/bands live. I’ve seen a few of my favourites but  the life lessons from Rob Thomas were a standout.
  2. Back up my computer. May 2016
  3. Do a charity walk.
  4. Wear a bikini.  a) I don’t have a bikini that fits and b) even if I did, I wouldn’t wear it.
  5. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogyI tried but I just can’t do it. YAWN!
  6. Become an Australian Citizen. (August 26 2015)
  7. Write a google review every time I try a new restaurant.
  8. Meet an online friend in person. Heaps of peeps at Problogger and beyond.


  1. Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.(March 2014)
  2. Write a love letter to David. And some love notes and love texts too.
  3. Write 10 Snail Mail letters. I haven’t counted but I’m sure it’s more than 10!
  4. Write my will.
  5. Write in my gratitude journal every dayIt’s not that I’m not grateful, I’m just not feeling how writing in a journal is going to make me more grateful.
  6. Write to a penpal. Multiple times!


  1. Take a photography course. Beginners Photography (November 2016)
  2. Learn how to say “hello” and “thank you” in 10 languages.
  3. Complete 12 units of my Counselling Course.
  4. Pass the Citizenship test.  (March 2015)
  5. Do a food styling/writing course.  Food Writing, AWC (August 2015)


101-things Disney

  1. Visit Chicago  (September 2014)
  2. Go to Disneyland.  (August 2014 and September 2016)
  3. Have dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. No, but I did stay in the Disneyland Hotel which is just as exciting! (September 2016)
  4. Have my photo taken with Mickey Mouse. Minnie Mouse (31 August 2014)
  5. See the sunset on a beach. North Durras (March 2015)
  6. Have high tea at a posh London hotel. Fortnum and Mason (July 2015)
  7. Take a boat trip along the Hudson. No, but I did take a boat trip along the Chicago River, which is also a river and is also in America, so I’m counting that as a win!
  8. Go to the top of 5 high buildings in different cities. (Willis Tower, Chicago, Trump Tower, Chicago, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, CN Tower, Toronto, Colombia Center, Seattle)
  9. See a show on Broadway.
  10. See a movie premiere. The Bleeder, Toronto Film Festival (September 2016)

Taking Stock - Tiff

  1. Sit upstairs in an aeroplane. Singapore Airlines – July 2015
  2. Go on a roadtrip. Canberra – April 2015
  3. Go on a love weekend. I’m lucky there have been a few!
  4. Visit a friend from a different country. Natalie in Toronto and Lee-Aye in Canada – September 2016
  5. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day. North Durras – March 2015


Spit Bridge to Manly

  1. Do the Spit Bridge to Manly Walk   (September 2015)
  2. Have high coffee at the Inter Continental  (July 2014)
  3. See the Sydney Swans play at the SCG. (August 2016)
  4. Ride the vernicular at Scenic World, Blue Mountains.
  5. Go to an outdoor movie.  Sunset Cinema, The Imitation Game (February 2015)
  6. Visit 5 different markets.
  7. Go to the ballet. Sleeping Beauty at the Opera House (December 2015)
  8. Go for a bushwalk.  Blue Mountains (June 2015) Spit Bridge to Manly (September 2015)
  9. Go on a picnic.
  10. Visit the Art Gallery of NSW  After Hours –  (June 2014)

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