Taking Stock – July 2021

two cavoodles sitting on a rock with Sydney harbour in the background

I think the look on Teddy and Paolo’s faces pretty much sum up my feelings about July.

It definitely didn’t go as  planned. The good news was I got out of quarantine, the bad news was I went out into (what feels like a never ending) lockdown. 

That said, it was still quite an action packed month and there were still many reasons to be grateful.

Although August is well under way, I’m going to take a minute or two to reflect on the epic month that was, I’d love it if you joined me! 

Making: This number 7 cake for my godson.

number 7 birthday cake made out of cupcakes

Cooking: These 3 Ingredient Brie and Fig Jam Puff Pastry Puffs. They are highly addictive.

Recreating: Some of my quarantine favourites at home including these Shakshuka Eggs and these Stuffed Pesto Peppers.

microwave shakshuka eggs from above

Enjoying: Being back in the kitchen, especially one with a working stove!

Drinking: Negronis – my cocktail of choice. What’s yours?

hand holding negroni in front of a white christmas tree

Finding: My reading mojo.

Reading: The Switch by Beth O’Leary.

Watching: Lucifer on Netflix.

Listening: To the daily presser at 11. Same old, same old.

Loving: My weekly scone delivery from The Tea Cosy. It’s my lockdown highlight.

sticky date scones and cup of tea

Going: Straight from quarantine to lockdown. Boo!

Wishing: Gladys had locked Sydney down sooner rather than later.

Liking: Being at home with David and Teddy. It’s definitely my lockdown silver lining.

man lying on sofa and cuddling a cavoodle

Disliking: People who don’t do the right thing.

Trying: To take one day at a time but still…

Wondering: When all ‘this” is going to end.

Hoping: It’s soon.

Cancelling: All the plans. Wah! 

Getting: Vaccinated. I’m now double dosed!

Doing: Lots of Disney jigsaw puzzles. I’m proper obsessed.

pixar puzzle

Needing: To do some serious exercise.

Smelling: This lovely Ella Wick candle.

ella wick candle

Wearing: My mum’s clothes. She would be so happy.

Thinking: I need a Christmas onesie just like Teddy’s!

cavoodle wearing Christmas onesie

Walking: With friends It’s the only way I get to get fit and get to see them.

Catching: Up with friends with virtual dinner, drinks and games on Face Time.

zoom dinner

Whipping: Up a few batches of doggy toothpaste that’s a thing!

Bookmarking: All the recipes I want to make in Fiona’s book My Dog Eats Better Than Me.

Finding: It hard to believe that Teddy Roosevelt is now two!

cavoodle wearing a red birthday crown and red bow saying birthday boy sitting next to a silver number two balloon

Sharing: What it’s like to travel in a pandemic both in and out of Australia and tips for how to keep busy in quarantine.

Knowing: That my quarantine tips will serve me well during lockdown.

Upgrading: My blog to the (now not so) new version of WordPress. It’s a revelation.

Putting: Up the Christmas tree.

Looking: At the Christmas tree . It makes me so happy.

christmas tree

Considering: Keeping the tree up for as long as lockdown lasts.

Celebrating: My, David and Teddy’s birthday and my mum’s first heavenly birthday.

picture of woman holding a dog next to a candle and flowers

Missing: My mum like mad.

Using: So many of my mum’s things every day – it makes me feel close to her.

Thinking: That I’m going to have a 50 and a half birthday instead. Please let us be unlocked by then!

Turning: 50 – I can’t quite believe it myself.

woman holding a plate of cupcakes cuddling a small cavapoo

Spilling: The beans in these 50 Facts About Me.

Opening: Birthday cards and the most generous birthday gifts.

Sending: Thank you cards. I’m quite old fashioned like that.

Feeling: Very loved and very grateful.

Was your July jolly? Are you in lockdown too? What were you up to last month?

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