10 Moreish Main Meal Salads

picture of 10 different salads

I’m back with another recipe round up and this time it’s moreish main meal salads.

I’ve covered all my bases with vegetarian options, meaty offerings, seafood delights and classic creations but one thing all these salads have in common is that they’re all quick, easy and totally delish!

If you’re looking for a salad you can learn to love, you’ve come to the right place!

Have you got a favourite salad?

Fabulous Felafel Salad

Definitely our all time favourite salad because it’s so easy and so delicious. Plus anything with felafel gets my vote!

Fabulous Felafel Salad

Salad Nicoise

This protein packed classic is an oldie but a goodie. I like to serve it on a platter for a bit of an extra wow factor!

Salad Nicoise

Asian Pork Noodle Salad

This is one of my favourite ways to upcycle left over pulled pork. This is my kind of salad because it’s got carbs but don’t worry, there are plenty of veggies too because after all life is all about balance!

Asian Pork Noodle Salad

Dave’s Mixed Bean Salad

Relatively new to my recipe repetoire and fresh from hotel quarantine, this simple salad is packed with protein and perfect for picnics, barbecues and makes a satsifying side too! This salad is for life, not just for hotel quarantine.

light green shallow bowl filled with chopped salad tomatoes cucumbers red onion and avocado

Store Cupboard Halloumi Salad

Top a few pantry staples with some halloumi and you are good to go with this scrumptious salad. It’s so easy to make friends with salad when they taste this good!

lentil chickpea and beetroot salad topped with halloumi

Pulled Pork Asian Salad

This is another delicious way to serve pulled pork and this salad is so quick and easy, you can have it from chopping board to table in just under 10 minutes. It’s as fast as it is tasty!

Pulled Pork Asian Salad

Asian Style Chicken Salad

This salad from dear reader, Anne has been a huge hit in our house. It’s as healthy, delicious and full of flavour. You must try!

Asian Style Chicken Salad on platter with salad servers

Layered Chicken Taco Salad

Packed with veggies, full of colour and bursting with flavour, this salad is as healthy as it is flavoursome. I love that this salad has no oily dressing, just a fresh and flavoursome salsa. Nom, nom!

Layered Chicken Taco Salad

Kale and Basil Pesto Pasta Salad

Pasta and pesto – two of my favourite things in one totally delicious salad. Like all my favourite salads, this one is quick and easy, not to mention full of yum.

Kale and Basil Pesto Salad 1

Red and Green Store Cupboard Salad

You need just a handful of pantry and freezer staples to make this tasty vegetarian salad. It might be low in fat and low budget but it’s big on taste!

Red-and-Green-Store-Cupboard-Pasta-Salad 1