Salad Nicoise

Serves 2 very generously I love this salad, it's packed with protein, fresh and filling. You can just as easily make this salad in a bowl but I just think it looks showstoppingly (yes, I totally [Read More]

Tuna and Sweetcorn Slice

Serves  4 This tasty open topped pie is delicious hot or cold. It's quick, easy and  I always have the ingredients to hand. I think tuna and sweetcorn is a marriage made in food heaven but let your [Read More]

Oven Baked Herbed Fish

Serves 4 I love this recipe because it's as delicious as colourful and contains so many of my favourite things. Besides who doesn't love a delicious one-dish dinner? This is full of goodness and a [Read More]

Oven-Baked Fish and Chips

Baking this classic combo is easier, less messy and healthier than frying and you can cook the fish and the chips at the same time!  You can take the girl out of England but you can't take [Read More]

Fish Provencale

Serves 4 This rustic French stew is a real crowd-pleaser, perfect served with a warm, crusty baguette. You can use any firm white fish steaks or cutlets in this recipe. Ingredients 6 green [Read More]

Lemon- Scented Fish and Chips

Serves 4 Give your 5 a day a big boost with this colourful, tasty and healthy version of  fish and chips! Ingredients 4 large carrots , cut into thin batons 2 large potatoes, cut into [Read More]

Donna Hay’s Baked Fish and Chips

Serves 4 Everyone will love this healthy, oven baked version of fish and chips! It's a one tray wonder! When I was growing up in the motherland, fish and chips was the Britain's favourite [Read More]