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Heart Two Heart

In my pursuit of another eight hours quality sleep, and after retiring later than I should, I decide to pass on the early morning exercise and work on the premise that I'll still have the energy to go [Read More]

The Rain and Balmain

I have a lovely long lie in and then head off for a run in the sun. What a glorious start to a Summer Sunday! By the time I get home, everyone is up and about and we get ready for a day out in the [Read More]

The After Glow

I'm up and fully wide awake at 4am. My brain is busy and open for business and has no intentions of shutting down. Trying to sleep is like fighting a losing battle so I admit defeat, get up, surf the [Read More]

Liz’s Sticky Date Pudding

Serves  6-8 Oh sticky date pudding! How I love thee! And don't get me started on the butterscotch sauce! It was this pud that started me on my sticky date obsession! Have you seen my Sticky Date [Read More]


It's such a beautiful morning. I spend so long faffing around in the kitchen that I almost miss my pump class and then, by the time I arrive, the studio is stoved off, there isn't room to swing a cat, [Read More]

Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas morning and I wake up to sunshine and a whole heap of presents. Bizarrely, David and I have bought each other almost identical presents - pyjamas, gym kit and a whole heap of yummy [Read More]

The Day Before Christmas!

"If you're going through hell, keep on going." - Rodney Atkins It's Christmas Eve and the last day of my advent calendar. I wrap up the countdown to Christmas with a lovely lollipop. Thanks, David! [Read More]