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The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #36

How was your week? I finally conquered my ironing mountain, we had a date night and I went way out west on a Vietnamese food tour. Variety is the spice of life, isn't that what they say? So the sun is [Read More]

Christmas 2014 – it’s a wrap!

Do you have Christmas traditions at your place? We don't. When it comes to Christmas we totally fly by the seats of our pants and err on the side of the unconventional.  Apart from the tree because [Read More]

The Great Christmas Cookie Exchange

This weekend I popped my Christmas Cookie Exchange cherry. Yes, Christmas Cookie Exchange, that's a thing. It's sweet and it's simple. There are 11 guest bakers and makers on the list, each person [Read More]

My 5 Festive Favourites 2014

There's so much to love about Christmas in general but here's 5 things that are really tickling my fancy this year. 1. Personalised Christmas Bauble This was my first purchase from Down That [Read More]

Christmas Hedgehog Slice

Cuts into about 30 squares This festive Hedgehog Slice is for life, not just for Christmas!  Hedgehog slice is one of my favourite things. It's  kind of a cross between fudge and a rocky [Read More]

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree

Makes  1 tree This gingerbread tree is easy and fun to make! I always get a bit excited about gingerbread at yuletide and this Christmas cookie tree ticks all the boxes. I have a 10 piece cookie [Read More]

A Fond Farewell

Today's the day. I'm going to see the Prof. It's been a year and a day (not that I'm counting!) since he took my annoyed thyroid and six months since we last met. As there's little else left in my [Read More]

One Year, No Thyroid

So it's official, I've survived a whole year without a thyroid! It's so hard to imagine that this time last year I was under the knife. It seems like a distant (bad) dream. So near to now,  but yet so [Read More]

Happiness is Good for your Health

Thursday begins with giving and receiving. I give Kathy some of that delicious Rocky Road and I find myself on the receiving end of a punishing 60 minute workout. At the end of it, I am a human [Read More]