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Oh, baby, baby!

It's Adam's birthday today and we're giving gifts in kind, and sitting for baby Chloe, while mummy and daddy have a big birthday night out. Even so, I don't want to rock up empty handed and realise [Read More]

Achieving my Objectives

Sometimes when I have a day off, it flies by so fast, that I wonder how I ever have time to go to work! Today is no exception, and is absolutely action packed! But I do love it when I achieve all my [Read More]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hooray! It's my birthday! I'm not going to bitch about old age, grey hairs and wrinkles. I'm just going to celebrate the fact that I get to enjoy another birthday. Getting older is a priviledge so I'm [Read More]

Birthday Eve

I'm in the grip of post-race euphoria all day and enjoying a bit of cafe culture on my Birthday Eve. It's action stations! First off, we take the train across the city, to a suburb with probably [Read More]

Caring and Sharing

You know what they say,  what goes around, comes around... well, today, the Feeder Programme does just that! Gary celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday and miraculously managed to keep it quiet! I [Read More]

Waste not, want not!

I'm on a mission to use up all my leftover ingredients this week, which makes for a five day baking bonanza! So much for keeping out of the kitchen! I've got yoghurt in the fridge which will be the [Read More]

I Can’t Keep Out of the Kitchen!

I can't just stay out of the kitchen today. We made last minute plans to go to Nicky's for tea, and what can I take when I have no time to bake? I know! Some super-yum, super-speedyBiscuit Fudge [Read More]

Pyjama Day

The weather is miserable enough to merit a Pyjama Day. The concept of a Pyjama Day is oh-so-simple. You wake up in your pyjamas, and you stay in them in a most slovenly fashion, for as long as time [Read More]

Iodine Free-der

Just because I'm eating iodine free, doesn't mean everyone else has to! The Feeder Programme rockets into action when I share the Apple and Raspberry Muffins at work and to my great surprise, there's [Read More]

The Last Day of Iodine

Sunday starts with a bit of baking with some yummy Apple and Raspberry Muffins. They may not be low calorie but they're packed full of good stuff and are deliciously moist. I go iodine free [Read More]