Taking Stock – July 2018

Taking Stock - July 2018

Well July flew by in the blink of an eye (and the blur of jet lag!) I can’t believe August is almost upon us but before we look forward to a new month, I think it’s time to take stock of the old one. Why don’t you grab a cuppa and join me?

Putting: Up the tree for Christmas in July. Drawing the line at Christmas jumpers though!

Liking: The Christmas tree.

Taking Stock July 18 - christmas tree

Disliking: What goes up must come down. I would love to have a Christmas tree up all year round!

Battling: Jet lag.

Celebrating: Another 365 day trip around the sun.

Knowing: That it can’t be a coincidence that so many of my favourite people have birthdays in July.

Looking: 47 on the outside but still feeling 6.5 on the inside.

Taking Stock July 18 - 47

Embracing: My age. Getting older is a privilege that’s denied to many.

Reflecting: On 47 things I’ve learned in 47 years.

Making: David the Koala Cake from the AWW Children’s Birthday Cake Book for his birthday.

AWW Koala Cake

Cooking: Up a storm in the Bupa Blue Room with 5 new ways with bolognese

Finding: Caramel M&Ms in the supermarket and kind of wishing I hadn’t. They just taste too good!

Drinking: Red wine. Winter evenings were made for it.

Using: The slow cooker. It’s been in overdrive.

Eating: My way through the slow cooked archives – these Slow Cooker Mexican Lamb Shanks and this Slow Cooker Chicken with Red Cabbage are the business!

Slow Cooker Chicken with Red Cabbage 5

Snacking: On all the English sweeties I was meant to give as gifts. My bad.

Sharing: All the things to see, eat and do in EdinburghIt’s amazing how much you can fit in to 48 hours!

Loving: Sydney in winter.

Taking Stock - Sydney

Feeling: Pleased that I didn’t move to Canada. Winter would not have looked like this.

Coveting: A pie maker from KMart.

Discovering: Stocard app – no more carrying loyalty cards! It’s a revelation! (Not sponsored, just a fangirl!)

Sitting: In the hairdressers chair, the optician’s chair and the dentist’s chair. It’s all happening!

Running: The Sydney Harbour 10K. I’m slow but I go!

Taking Stock - Sydney Harbour 10k

Admiring: Denyse, she’s so inspiring.

Bookmarking: All the recipes I want to try from Family Dinners Made EasySo much yum and so much little time!

Revamping: Ten old recipes and making them new again. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A, Blushing Pears.

Slow cooker Blushing Pears 6

Listening: To this brilliant edition of the Minimalists podcast – Healthproblems. Such an eye opener!

Seeing: Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the theatre –  still one of my all time favourite musicals.

Taking Stock - Priscilla

Considering: A shopping ban for a month – after reading the brilliant The Year of Less by Cait Flanders.

Fangirling: Over author Mike Gayle. He’s like a male Marion Keyes.

Borrowing: As many Mike Gayle books as I can carry from the library.

Reading: Four Mike Gayle books in a row; The Man I Think I Know, His ‘n’ Hers, Seeing Other People and Dinner For Two .

The Man I Think I know - Mike Gayle

Noticing: That I’m more than half way through my self imposed reading challenge of 101 Books in 1001 Days. Yay!

Thinking: About sharing the books I’ve read on the blog. What do you think, yay or nay?

Buying: The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I can’t wait to read it.

Joining: Goodreads. I’m Annoyed Thyroid. Let’s follow each other!

Crying: Over Queer Eye. The second season is as fabulous as the first.

Watching: Escape to the Chateau, The Tunnel and of course, Queer Eye.

Practicing: My French while watching The Tunnel.

Learning: How to make Angel Food Cake via Not Quite Nigella

Angel Food Cake

Spending: 48 Hours in the Blue MountainsIt’s my spirit place.

Staying: At Shelton Lea Bed and Breakfast in Katoomba. It’s my favourite!

Taking: A trip down Memory Lane at Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum.

48 hours in the Blue Mountains - Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum Rupert

Collecting: Experiences not things.

Visiting:  Scenic World.

Marvelling: At the majestic beauty of the Jamieson Valley from the Scenic Skyway 270 metres above the valley floor.

40 hours in the Blue Mountains - Scenic Skyway 2

Riding: The steepest passenger railway in the world at Scenic World.

Enjoying: Said railway. As a person who is afraid of heights, never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Crossing: More things off my list of 101 things in 1001 days.

40 hours in the Blue Mountains - Scenic Railway 2

Wearing: Beanies. They’re my favourite.

Turning: On the heating.

Remembering: How well we spent 48 Hours in London – fun with friends, afternoon tea, sightseeing on the run and even a naked bike ride!

Hosting: My favourite furry friend Mochi Elliot.

Taking stock - Mochi Elliot

Walking: With Mochi.

Volunteering: At the Asylum Seekers Centre – it feels good to give back.

Missing: Friends and family in the motherland.

Planning: A Hawaiian getaway. I need some aloha in my life.

Looking forward to: An awesome August.

Did you celebrate Christmas (or birthdays)  in July too? What was your best bit? What have you been watching, reading and eating? Tell me all the things!

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