Top 5 Low Iodine Sweet Treats

Sticking to a  low iodine diet is always a bit of a challenge. It takes time and effort to plan and prepare healthy and delicious food and it's likely that a lot of your all-time favourite foods are [Read More]

Top 5 Low Iodine Dinners

A low iodine diet can be challenging  with it's long list of forbidden foods, but with a little bit of planning and imagination, it's not difficult to make healthy, low iodine and very delicious [Read More]

Apple and Cinnamon Bliss Balls

Makes about 15  large balls (low iodine) I gave this recipe a bit of a makeover and don't you think it looks amazeballs? (Ha! See what I did there?!) I've been asking my taste testers to get their [Read More]

Chicken with a Red Pepper Crust

Serves 2 This chicken dish ticks all the boxes;  it's fresh, healthy, low fat and  low iodine! We tried this in a low iodine phase but we loved it so much, it's become a family favourite! We love [Read More]

Thermomix “The Lime Green”

Serves 4 Karen from chair and chair shared this delicious recipe which I tweaked to make it thermie friendly! This juice may be green, but it's not mean. The trifecta of apple, mint and lime make [Read More]

Thermomix Fruity Dream

Serves 2-4 There's so much to love about fruity dream. It's fast, fabulous and very, very fruity! It's gluten free, dairy free and low iodine and you can make this soft serve in minutes! When I [Read More]