Thermomix Brown Rice and Bean Salad

Serves 6 This healthy, low GI brown rice salad is so easy and so delicious. It's a great way to use up left over veggies and feed a crowd. When I'm pushed for time, I use frozen veggies but this [Read More]

Thermomix Carrot and Orange Juice

Serves 4 Using water and ice cubes in this awesome orangey juice helps incorporate the fibre and works to dilute the fructose. Ingredients 1 large carrot, roughly chopped 2 - 3 oranges, [Read More]

Thermomix Chickpea Soup

Serves 4 This tasted just as good as I remembered from my Varoma demo. You can view the original recipe here. Ingredients 2 medium onions, peeled and quartered 20g olive oil 170g-200g [Read More]

Thermomix Hainanese Chicken Rice

Serves 4 I first saw this recipe over at on a “Thermomix Thursday.” I thought cooking a whole chicken in the thermie sounded just too good (and for that matter, too tasty) [Read More]

Thermomix Beef Stroganoff

Serves 4 Yum! A taste ticket back to the 1970's and it still tastes as good as I remember! Ingredients 1 onion, peeled and halved 30g butter 500g Tenderloin fillet cut into 2.5cm [Read More]

Carrot and Coriander Simple Soup

Serves 4 This simple Carrot and Coriander soup ticks all the boxes - it's fast, fresh and easy on the waistline and the budget!  I must be seasonally malfunctioning because since spring [Read More]

Thermomix Fennel and Almond Soup

Serves 4 This is another delicious  recipe from the font of knowledge that is the Thermomix Recipe Community. The fennel and the almond complement each other perfectly making a tasty, thick and [Read More]

Thermomix Zucchini and Basil Soup

Serves 4 I spotted this recipe in Gourmet Traveller  and couldn't wait to try it in out.  This recipe comes from the award winning  Lake House Restaurant and I've adapted it to make it Thermie [Read More]