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Taking Stock – April

It seems like I only took stock 5 minutes ago, but here we are again, it's time to take stock like  Pip did. April was pretty ace, I have to say but I'm totally ready for the yay of May! Reading: [Read More]

How to Please a Patient

Belinda is still hanging out in hospital, the poor love.  The downside is that she's far, far away from her friends and family and beautiful baby Ruby, but on the upside I get to see a whole lot more [Read More]

A Cooking Class with Festive Flavours

I am super excited because I finally get to go to my first ever Thermomix Cooking Class! And not any ordinary Thermomix Cooking Class either, this cooking class has  a festive flavour! I am such a [Read More]

The Visitors are Here!

I'm so excited that I'm up before the birds. The reason for the pumping adrenalin is two fold; it's time to train with Kathy... and, the visitors are coming! Waking up über early certainly has it's [Read More]

The Visitors are Coming

Beverley and Joan our friends from the mother country are arriving tomorrow and I can hardly contain my excitement. I try to rein myself in by engaging in some kitchen chaos. I'm in the mood for a [Read More]