48 on 48

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Last year I started a new birthday tradition with my 47 on 47 post – a taking stock of the trip I’d just taken around the sun – and this year,I’m sticking with the annual reflections with 48 on 48.

I’m quite tickled that this when I turn 49 on Thursday, this will be my last birthday with a 4.  You won’t find me complaining about getting older because I know that age is a privilege denied to many. I feel very lucky to be here and will feel even luckier if there is cake! 

But for now, here’s a look back on 48 which (spoiler alert) was mostly great. But I should warn you to brace yourself for the Teddy Roosevelt spam! 

1. I got a dog. My only regret about this is that I didn’t do it earlier.

2. I took 2879 pictures of the dog. And no, that’s not a precise number, it’s a conservative estimate!

Teddy Roosevelt wearing Boston Hound Bow

3. I spent more time on Teddy’s instagram than I did on my own. 

4. I celebrated my fur-st Mother’s Day (ha, see what I did there?!)

mothers day 2020

5. I bought a dog stroller – there’s something I thought I’d never say – or do!

6. I went to my first dog party.

iso dog party table

7. I learned that having my own dog did not stop me loving on everyone else’s.

8. I met Santa Paws.

9. I made new friends – dog people are the best people.

10. I went to the Dog Lovers Show and met big dogs, little dogs, cute dogs and famous dogs.

buddy dog lovers show

11. We took our first “furmily” holiday.

12. I discovered the best dog-friendly places to stay and play in Port Stephens and Merimbula.

Main beach merimbula

13. I popped my NSW South Coast cherry. It might be my first visit there but it won’t be my last.

14. I had a week of fun, food and friends in Brisbane.

15. I stuffed my face at Eat Street Brisbane.

pork belly eat street

16. I had Hawaii withdrawals in a major way.

17. I squeezed in two pre-Covid trips to the motherland.

18. I had a wonderful weekend away with my mum at Thoresby Hall. Happy memories!


19. I had quality time with friends and family in the UK.

20. I saw my all-time favourite show Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat two nights in a row. 


21. I started and finished a TAFE course in social media for business.

22. I made a new list of 101 Things in 1001 Days.

23. Crossed a few things off said list including writing to, and interviewing one of my favourite authors, Mike Gayle.

24. I was still obsessed with my pie maker.

25. I made a Shark cake for our godson.

shark birthday cake

26. I made a number 8 cake for our god-daughter.

27. I gained weight. Quite a lot actually. Ooopsie!

28. I didn’t run half as much as I wanted to but I did smash out a couple of park runs when I was in the UK.

lincoln park run

29. I ate a lot of scones (see number 23!)

30. I sent some care packages to support the troops overseas and received 2 thank you letters and 1 thank you visit!

31. I finally broke open my Terramundi pot and found the princely sum of 13 pounds (about $25.)

32. I saw Louis Theroux live – swoon!

33. We celebrated 13 years of marriage and 12 years of living in Australia.

34. We survived our first (and hopefully our last) anniversary apart.

35. I met Instagram friends in real life.

36. I published xxx blog posts. 

37. I read a lot of books and discovered new authors and different genres.

38. I watched a lot of shows with subtitles.

39. I celebrated 9 years without a thyroid.

40. I got a year’s reprieve from my endocrinolgist.

41. The news left me with a  heavy heart.

42. I wore my emotional raincoat… a lot.

43. I lived through a pandemic (now there’s something I thought I’d never say.)

44. I learned some important lessons in isolife.

45.  I realised that it might be years before I teach English to international students again.

46. I pivoted and threw myself into being a stay at home dog mom.

47. I hoped that 2020 is going to get better. 

48. I looked at my glass and decided it was very much half full. 

Bring on 49, that’s what I say!

Are you a fan of birthdays? Do you like to look back and reflect on the year that was?

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